This game is just a school project. It is designed for normally 5-8 years old kids. It only features 2 minigames and we hoped this can be finished on time.


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big open space with little interactivity

applecatch game stuck after opening instruction

grass sprite so sloppy

maybe make the clouds using circles and ovals overlapped each other instead of scribbling brush

too static game instructions, so much redundant screen for instructions and menus. perhaps make tutorial more dynamic like show it above player's head on game start and set it to vanish after a minute or once the player start pressing buttons

arranging game simply vanishes the apples and show win message  with vague instruction you have to press exit, either make it exit automatically or make a more catchy exit button

I'll respond for the 2 mini games

From catch the apple, I think the score shouldn't be minus when we miss an apple? Just an input though. Or maybe the score is a bit buggy? I'm not too sure about that. But please do fix the scoring. Then, after the time runs out, we do to the layer that tells our level of achievement. For that I think it's better to use another color for the text, because the green color blends with the background. Lastly, the text in the girl's chat bubble should add where we get to the mini game.

For the second game, it's actually already good. But think about what happens after a level finishes. Whether it is a 'Well Done!' text or it refreshes the layout. Up to you. But do think about it so you don't confuse the kids.

That's all from me! Great game!

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Thanks for the feedback. First of all, The scoring for missing the apple is minus 1 points per apple for make it challenging so it wasn't considerably buggy. Don't worry we also put the Green Apple and Red points more than points that as you can see on tutorial of "Catch the Apple". Second, we actually put the tree as the access to the first minigame. But, we will may change in the future

Overall, Thanks for your feedback. We will may fix it in the next development.

First of all, I dont like that you enter the game with w button, especially the game didnt use WASD buttons. If they used up button or spacebar button, it would be better.

For the first minigame, it was played normally on the first run. But on the second run, the count down was instead start on 0 instead of in 59 seconds. And because of that, the countdown becomes a negative number and the score adding up by itself. For the second minigame, the apples keep falling out from the game layout and or the tiles. And when play it the second time, only one apple fall into the game.

I hope you will fix this. It has a good potential.

Thanks for your feedback and we'll fix it on the next development.